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“Mentees should be goal-oriented, willing to initiate a positive learning experience, are eager to accept new challenges, and accept personal responsibility for their success or failures.”

Who can participate as a mentee?   
All SPE young professional and student members.

What is expected of a mentee?

  • A six-month partnership, communicating at least one or two times per month through system IM,  mobile app, virtual platforms, or email. Connect at convenient times for both mentor and mentee.  Connections can be extended with the permission of the mentor.
  • Review a potential Mentor's complete profile before submitting a request.
  • When submitting a "Mentor Request", be specific about your needs and expectations.  This will give your potential mentor the ability to determine if he/she is a good match before accepting or rejecting your request. 
  • Take a proactive role in shaping the relationship.
  • Communicate what you want from the eMentoring relationship including your goals and aspirations.
  • Establish rapport by being open and honest with your mentor about your strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Set aside time for the mentoring process and keep all scheduled appointments with your mentor.
  • Be an active listener by putting your time with your mentor to good use
  • Prepare planned topics ahead of the call
  • Show eagerness to learn
  • Accept personal responsibility
  • Trust and respect your Mentor
What do mentors typically share with mentees?
  • Professional experience
  • Industry trends
  • Advice for defining and reaching goals
  • Job interview tips and resume reviews for students
  • Recommendations for additional education or development
  • Academic guidance for students
*Information on the mentor's profile is not vetted by SPE.

What mentors do not provide mentees?
  • Supplemental tutoring with school projects, papers, and research
  • Internships or job offers
  • Technical consultancy
  • Financial assistance
There are many other SPE resources for young professionals and student members by accessing the eMentoring Resource Center.

How are the matches made?
Both mentors and mentees begin the process by completing a profile. Registered mentees can search by a variety of criteria, such as an area of expertise, type of company, gender preference, and country. The eMentoring system will display a list of available mentors who closely meet the mentee's requirements. After carefully reviewing the mentor profiles, the mentee will submit one request to the mentor of his/her choice. The mentor will receive a notification via email with a link that will allow him/her to log in to the system to access the mentee’s profile and review the "Mentor Request". The mentor will be able to respond by accepting or rejecting the request within 14 days. 

Suggestions for effective online communication

  • Create meaningful subject lines.
    • Ensures recognition of your message's importance.
    • Provides a clear idea of the topic you want to discuss
  • Compose clear and concise messages.
    • Maximize comprehension in minimal time.
    • Review to ensure your message communicates your intended ideas.
  • Agree on terms of communication.
    • Mutually decide when, where, and how to communicate.
    • You may use more than one mode of communication
Networking Tips
  • Networking is vital to your professional success, but it’s a learned skill that takes time and practice to develop. Take an important step to becoming an effective networker by talking with your mentor.
  • Discuss the impact networking has had on your mentor’s career.
  • Get advice on starting conversations and communicating in different settings.
  • Learn how to build your networking skills and confidence over time.
  • Ask about the value of networking through your SPE chapter or section.
  • Don't Lose Sight of Your Goals

What if my mentor doesn’t respond to my emails or communications? Emails can often be caught in spam filters. To make sure you are receiving all communication regarding the program, add * as well as your mentor’s email address to your email address book. If the problem continues, contact the SPE eMentoring Administrator for assistance.

What if we are not a compatible match?
Contact the eMentoring Program Specialist at, with details regarding why you do not think your mentor is a compatible match.

What do I do when my connection term is over?
After the relationship has ended, you may select another mentor, or send your mentor another request to continue the relationship. If you have any questions please contact the Program Specialist at for assistance.

I understand and agree with the terms of this program and would like to begin the process of registering and searching for a mentor.